Finstitute After-School Programs

Perfect for after-school wiggles and day camps! These programs are half animal-encounter and half-moving activity that center around a conservation theme. We are happy to accommodate up to 40 students at a time.  Interested in a series? Email us at for more information.

Meet a live shark, and play games to discover whether a shark is a predator, prey, or both! Price is $500 per hour program.
What does a stingray need to survive? How do their adaptations help them compete for resources? Learn the answers to this and more while playing games and meeting a live stingray. Price is $500 per hour program.
Tide Pool animals have diverse adaptations to help them survive in an ever-changing ecosystem. Meet a variety of tide pool animals and participate in a fun activity to learn about these resilient creatures. Price is $500 per hour program.

WAVE’s Community Outreach Scholarship Fund (COSF) was created to support underserved schools in the Tri-State area. Applying for the scholarship does not automatically qualify your school to receive funding. Funding is granted based on need and other applications received. Schools must be within 30 miles of Newport Aquarium and have at least 75% or more of students on the free/reduced lunch program. The application and it’s requirements are found within the Program Request Form. Funding for COSF is provided by the Dater and Nippert Foundations.