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WAVE Foundation at Newport Aquarium’s Conservation Fund, provides support for local, regional, national or global conservation partnerships, programs and initiatives.

You can help support the Aquatic Conservation Fund in a variety of ways. By just visiting Newport Aquarium, you can support our conservation programs!

Here are some simple ways that you can help while you’re at Newport Aquarium:

  • Drop a coin into the whale fountain in Newport Aquarium’s lobby.
  • Round up your retail purchase in the Aquarium’s gift shop through our “Dollars for Conservation” program.
  • Purchase WAVE merchandise in the Aquarium’s gift shop or at our online store.

Here are some other ways to help us raise money for conservation:

  • A percentage of every penguin encounter ticket goes to WAVE Foundation’s conservation fund.
  • You can donate directly to the WAVE Foundation and tell us what conservation program or initiative you want to support.
  • Attend WAVE events such as our Putt for Penguins golf outing or Nauti Nite – proceeds benefit our conservation and education programs.

What we fund:  We support conservation initiatives on a local, regional, national or global scale that fits into the WAVE Foundation’s mission of exciting, engaging and educating our community about the wonders of aquatic life and the importance of conservation.

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