WAVE on Wheels

WAVE on Wheels: Outreach Programs


The WAVE Foundation offers a variety of animal outreach programs that allow our staff to take some of our animal ambassadors off grounds to schools, churches, corporate events and just about anything you can think of! Whether you are interested in learning more about conservation or are just interested in meeting a snake, we can bring a world of wonder and excitement to your group.

We have several different types of programs that cover different groups and species of animals. We conduct outreaches in presentation style, meet and greet, and small group discussion. Any of these styles would be more than perfect for your next school, daycare, senior center, library, or community event. We’ve been invited to several different places within communities such as weddings, festivals of all kinds, corporate events (meetings, family days, luncheons etc.), and even city sponsored events. All of our programs offer the opportunity to touch any animal that we bring with us. See below for program details and additional.


Our outreach programs would not be possible without the support and generosity of the Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation!  Their donation of our WAVE on Wheels, Outreach Vehicle and The Shark Cart, has transformed how environmental education occurs in our region!

Any questions about this program or animal options, please e-mail Dan Dunlap at ddunlap@wavefoundation.org


Community Outreach Scholarship Fund

The WAVE Foundation has developed a Community Outreach Scholarship Fund to help provide funding to bring our outreach programs to area schools. Each qualifying school will receive an outreach program delivered by the WAVE Foundation. Teachers will be able to choose from different aprograms aligned with state-standard based curriculum to best supplement their current lessons. All programs include live animals such as African Penguins, American Alligators and Epaulette Sharks, with an emphasis hands-on learning activities to reinforce the lessons being taught. Click here to learn more about how your school can apply for funding.

WAVE on Wheels is a unique program, in which some programs utilize live animals. In the event that the welfare of those animals is compromised, the WAVE Foundation reserves the right to modify or even cancel a program. We will do everything in our power to keep your scheduled program; however, if a situation arises, you will be notified as soon as possible and alternate arrangements will be made at that time.