Adopt a Fishy Friend


Adopt a Fishy Friend

Our Animal Adoption program makes a great gift for adults and children and helps support the WAVE Foundation’s efforts in conservation, education and volunteer opportunities! Adoption dollars are vital to the success of WAVE Foundation’s unique programs.

There are many animals to adopt. Check out the adoption levels and benefits below.

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Save Sharks this Summer with a Special Shark Adoption Package

For a $200 Contribution to WAVE Foundation you can help WAVE celebrate Newport Aquarium’s Shark Summer by adopting a shark.

Package includes a 5×7 photo, Shark Plushy, Shark Tooth from one of Newport Aquarium’s Sharks, Adoption Certificate, Animal Fact Sheet, Website Recognition, Subscription to the WAVE Foundation Newsletter, WAVE Foundation Cup, and WAVE Foundation Tote.


Animals Available for Adoption:

  • King Penguin
  • African Penguin
  • Shark Ray
  • Sand Tiger Shark
  • Loggerhead Sea Turtle
  • Albino American Alligator
  • Orange Clownfish








5×7 Photoblue_checkblue_checkblue_checkblue_check
Adoption Certificateblue_checkblue_checkblue_checkblue_check
Animal Fact Sheetblue_checkblue_checkblue_checkblue_check
Website Recognitionblue_checkblue_checkblue_checkblue_check
Subscription to WAVE Newsletterblue_checkblue_checkblue_checkblue_check
Plushy of Adopted Animalblue_checkblue_checkblue_check
WAVE Tumbler Cupblue_checkblue_check
WAVE Tote Bagblue_checkblue_check
5×7 Penguin Paintingblue_check

* Substitutions may apply based on availability

king_penguin  paula-cropped  shark_ray  sandtiger_shark  loggerhead_turtle  white_gators-cropped

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Adoption Patrons:

$25 Level
  • Kristen McIntyre
  • Kaylan Mays
  • Ryan Sidwell
  • Terry Maloney
  • Jack Tobin
  • Katie Vaughan
$50 Level
  • Shelley Reynolds
  • James He
  • David Lewis
  • David Johnson
  • Jonah Sterling
  • Ryan Conley
  • The Barone Kids
  • The Pippin Kids
  • Anneliese Frazier
  • Tina Stclair
  • Bart Mulcahy
  • Alysyn Schenk
  • Lennox Gray Johnson
  • Anneliese Frazier
  • Nicole Lanz
  • Sadie Gnagy
  • Sydney Chafins
  • Eick School Age Summer Camp
  • Jack Brewster
$100 Level
  • Stephanie Mays
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carnicom
  • Katharine Kane
  • Malcolm Raffensperger
$150 Level
  • Sean Leonard
  • Shyla Hensley
  • Jason Reese
  • Matthew Best
  • Tao & Jessica Lei

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