Living Curriculum Initiative

The Living Curriculum Initiative:

  • Free to all Cincinnati Public Schools
  • Brings Science Alive through inquiry lessons featuring live sharks and stingrays
  • Designed to build higher level science processing skills
  • Built around State Standards and developed using QCER inquiry teaching method
  • Problem Based Learning Scenarios

What is the LCI?

  • The goal of the LCI is to bring science alive for students within their classrooms.
  • The LCI will deliver on this goal through a multi-disciplinary, participatory curriculum using scientific inquiry in conjunction with live animals.
  • Beginning in 2017 we will bring the LCI into 3rd grade classes within CPS, continuing with 4th and 5th grades the following years.


Interested teachers or schools should contact Erin Shultz, Community Outreach Coordinator, at for more information.

Supported by the generosity of Louis & Louise Nippert Charitable Foundation