Community Outreach Scholarship Fund

WAVE Foundation’s overarching goal for the Community Outreach Scholarship Fund is to support the ability of underserved elementary and middle schools in the Tri-State area to access Newport Aquarium’s wildlife resources through our community outreach programs. WAVE Foundation believes the Newport Aquarium’s resources should be a part of every area child’s experience.

Outreach scholarship funding is provided by a donation through WAVE Foundation at Newport Aquarium. Applying for the scholarship does not automatically qualify your school to receive funding. Funding is granted based on need and other applications received.

Application Deadline

Programs must occur before May 1st.


  • Schools must be within 30 miles of Newport Aquarium
  • Schools must have 75% or more of students on the free/reduced lunch program.
  • Teachers must fill out the Community Outreach Scholarship Application and attach a description of how this program will enhance learning in their classroom (150 word minimum).
  • Teachers must complete a survey after the outreach is completed.

For more information please contact our Program Registrar at or by phone at 859-815-1442.

The Community Scholarship Outreach Fund is provided by: