Aquarium to YOU: Education Outreach

Basic Animal Programs ($225 per program)

We have multiple themes available for our basic animal programs. All participants will have an opportunity to touch each of our animal ambassadors (based on animal’s current welfare). The initial program is $200 and includes live animals. Each additional hour is $100 if held on the same day and within reasonable time frames.

Career Talk


Do you want to be a marine biologist or work at an aquarium?  This program talks about everything it takes to make that dream come true!  We will discuss college and class options, the different fields in biology as well as important study skills and interview tips to help foster success!

Program includes a live animal chosen by the WAVE Foundation to enhance the experience.

Scales & Tails


Discover the reptilian world during this unique experience as we feature a lizard, a snake and a turtle or tortoise! We will ask our audience (whether they be students, kids, adults) to join us in learning what it takes to be a reptile.  This program will cover the animal’s natural history, including basic facts, adaptations and specialized features these animals display to succeed in the wild.

Live animals will include a lizard, snake and either a turtle or tortoise.

Lesson Plans:     K-2     3-5     6-8     9-12

Croc Talk


We will discuss what it means to be a reptile then have an in-depth conversation about Crocodilians: crocodiles, alligators, gharials, and caimans. We use animal artifacts which includes skulls of crocodiles, alligators, and gharials, and a poster of all the different species of crocodilians and figurines to show morphology. You’ll discover the differences between each species and in the end be able to tell them apart with just a glance!

Program includes a live American Alligator and a number of crocodilian skull replicas and artifacts

Lesson Plans:     K-2     3-5     6-8     9-12

Turtle Time


Are you ready to experience true Turtle Power?! Can you tell the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? In this class, we talk about the actual differences between turtles and tortoises then discuss some simple conservation practices that you can do to help protect these amazing animals! WE also talk about each species of turtle or tortoise that we bring and their adaptations for survival.

Live animals will include 3 different turtle and tortoise species.

Lesson Plans:     K-2     3-5     6-8     9-12  

Tide Pool Animals


This program brings the beach to you! Enjoy animals from our tide pool exhibit (usually a horseshoe crab, sea urchin, sea star and a sea cucumber).  We also discuss tides as a whole and how the ocean works together with the moon and other forces to change the landscape of beaches.

Live animals may include a Horseshoe Crab, Sea Urchin, Sea Star, and/or Sea Cucumber

Slithering with Snakes


This is another more specialized version of our Scales and Tails program. Snakes (three different species) are brought to the presentation to be discussed and compared to each other. We usually try to bring a small, medium and large species of snake to show the diversity of this group of animals. We talk about reptiles in general and more specifically: snakes.

Live animals include a small, medium and large snake species.

Premium Animal Programs ($425 per program)

All participants will have an opportunity to touch each of our animal ambassadors; Yes even the Sharks! These programs include animals that are endangered, require extra supervision and/or additional equipment. Pick from either penguins, sharks or sting rays.

African Penguin


Do you want a penguin to waddle around you?! Then this is the program for you! We will bring a live African Penguin along with animal artifacts and discuss everything penguin. We will talk about specific adaptations that African Penguins have and how not every penguin lives in the deep cold. We will also discuss their natural history, predators and the specific threats that humans pose against their species. *(Other restrictions apply).

Lesson Plans:     K-2     3-5     6-8     9-12

Shark Cart


The Shark Cart was new in 2015 and brings live sharks to you! This program demystifies common misconceptions about sharks and gets you up-close and personal with these amazing creatures! In addition to the live sharks, Several animal artifacts are used in this presentation like shark jaws, a can of shark fin soup, shark eggs, etc. By the end you will discover how you can make a difference in shark conservation!*(Other restrictions apply).

Lesson Plans:     K-2     3-5     6-8     9-12

Ray Cart

The Ray Cart is a new addition for 2017 and provides students and community members the chance to see up close the amazing swimming strategy of these yellow sting rays! They are closely related to sharks, but have an incredibly different body shape and survival method. This program will cover these differences and similarities as well as how we can all work to be a part of their conservation!

Lesson Plans:     K-2     3-5     6-8     9-12



Places We’ll Go!

Schools: There are several different options for school groups. We can bring our programs into individual classrooms for a more in depth and personal discussion about our animals.  Or we can do a large auditorium assembly type presentation. We can even do an all-day affair where we will bring several animals and set up “stations” for all the kids to see and enjoy. We can work with you to meet your needs.

Libraries: Give your readers a chance to experience live animals in a library setting. Our possibilities for libraries are endless where we can do presentation style, meet and greet style or anything else that you could think of. We are able to tailor our information to do different age groups and learning levels. You could even have an animal reading day where we will come (with an animal) and read books to children that pertain to our animals and our mission.

Daycares: Give your students a hands on experience they won’t forget. We can come into a small setting and interact one on one with the kids or even do a larger setting where every kid will get to feel special for that time. Our animals love seeing new faces and meeting enthusiastic young people.

Senior Centers: Spice up the resident’s day with a special visitor or two from the WAVE Foundation. With some animals we can do room to room service and with all of them we could do a presentation or meet and greet with your whole community. Young or old, everyone loves seeing and touching our animal ambassadors!


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