Learning Adventures

Why not add a Finstitute Learning Adventure to your field trip? When booking a field trip to Newport Aquarium, teachers can add on either a $2 Classroom Experience or $5 Career Talk for each of their students.  Finstitute Learning Adventures are developed in partnership with the WAVE Foundation and Newport Aquarium and were developed using theScience Standards for each grade level.

Choose from one of the following experiences:

All About Penguins (PreK-12)

Come waddle and learn about everyone’s favorite tuxedo-clad bird! Meet six of the 18 different species of penguins on site. Learn why penguins are black and white, understand how dedicated they are to their family and realize how many penguins need our help preserving their species and habitat. Expand your students’ experience by using All About Penguins to explain deeper concepts such as adaptation, ecosystems, evolution, conservation and pollution.

Serious about Sharks (PreK-12)

This class with focus on sharks! Learn the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of sharks. Learn what they eat, why they have adapted, where they live – and so much more! Understand that sharks are not as scary or mean as most people think and learn how they achieved this bad boy reputation Expand your students’ understanding by using Serious About Sharks to delve deeper into concepts such as adaptation, ecosystems, evolution, conservation and pollution.

Scales and Tails: Reptiles! (PreK-12)

Alligators, snakes and turtles… oh my! These scaly critters are our cold-blooded friends. Learn what it means for a reptile to be cold-blooded and understand that many reptiles are not as scary as they seem. Realize why conservation programs for these animals are important. You also have the opportunity to touch some of our scaly friends!


Turtle Time (PreK-12)

Turtles and tortoises are often grouped together and the names are used interchangeably for the same animal. In this class we talk all about the actual differences between turtles and tortoises and touch on some simple conservation practices that you can do to help protect these amazing animals. We also talk specifically about each species of turtle or tortoise that we bring and the basic facts about each animal. There is an opportunity to touch each turtle and tortoise that is out with us!

Croc Talk (PreK-12)

Here we talk about what it means to be a reptile as a precursor to the more in depth conversation about crocodiles, alligators, gharials, and caiman. You’ll learn the differences between each species and in the end be able to tell them apart with just a glance! We use animal artifacts in this program which includes skulls of crocodiles, alligators, and gharials, a poster of all the different species of crocodilians and figurines to show morphology. You also have the opportunity to touch one of our live gators!

Career Talk (9-12)

Students will explore the diverse career opportunities and professional fields of study within the aquarium. See what the professionals are up to as you go behind the scenes in this guided tour. This experience also includes up close animal encounters!

All Field Trips, including those with classes taught by the WAVE Foundation, are scheduled through the Newport Aquarium Sales Department.  Click here for more information or to register online.