Friends of Finstitute

Friends of Finsitute

Price Charities has been a valued partner with WAVE for many years through our Friends of Finsitute Program.  Friends of Finstitute provides local school children with exciting and unique opportunities at the WAVE Foundation they otherwise may not have afforded. These funds are specifically designated to underwrite underprivileged students to participate in the WAVE Foundation’s Finstitute classes.   To date, the Price Charities grant has underwritten over 20,000 underprivileged students fromapproximately 70 area schools.


Friends of Finstitute funding is provided by a grant through the WAVE Foundation at Newport Aquarium. Applying for Friends of Finstitute does not automatically qualify your school to receive funding.  Funding is granted based on need and other applications received.  Friends of Finstitute is available once per grade level per school year.  Funding doesNOT cover the cost of additional adults.


  • Students must participate in a Finstitute Scavenger Hunt during their aquarium visit.
  • Students must complete pre-lesson and post-lesson assessments and return to the WAVE Foundation.
  • Teacher must send a thank-you letter acknowledging funding to “Friends of Finstitute”.
  • Additional thank-you notes from the students should also be sent.
  • Assessments, thank-you letters and teacher evaluation form must be sent within two weeks of your visit to: WAVE Foundation, Attn: Education Manager, One Aquarium Way, Newport KY 41071
  • All requirements must be met in order to be eligible for funding the following year.  

At this time, Friends of Finstitute funds are not available. 

Please contact Dan Dunlap at 859-815-1442 or email with any questions.


Thank You Price Charities

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