Dayton STEM


Living_Lens_Logo.jpgIn collaboration with the WAVE Foundation, students at the Dayton Regional STEM School are developing a web platform to house student created video documentaries, illustrated picture books, and corresponding educational materials. These materials will meet the needs of the Wave Foundation at Newport Aquarium, and develop student understanding of important Next Generation Science Standards and Ohio Department of Education Visual Arts Standards. This is a multi-year project in which students will develop curriculum materials focusing on between 4-6 specific animal species each year. These materials will have an audience of approximately 20,000 students per year through on site classes, camps and outreach programs coordinated by the WAVE Foundation. In addition to direct, on site contact, the educational materials will be housed and accessible online to virtually thousands of teachers and students through the WAVE Foundation website.

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Mighty Mike Model Website

The first website created for The Living Lens Project was the Mighty Mike model website created by the teachers at The Regional Dayton STEM school to help give the students a reference when completing their websites. Students are currently working on website content for four additional animals and hope to have them completed during the 2014-2015 school year.

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