Summer Camp WAVE

At this time, it is our plan and greatest hope to join together in person for Summer Camp WAVE in 2021.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, detailed plans and camp logistics will be determined closer to our summer programming and in accordance with all current public health guidelines.

Summer Camp WAVE 2021 Registration is NOW OPEN!!!

Get ready to dive into the deep and make some waves with Camp WAVE! This is a day camp experience for students who have completed grades K-8 held at Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY from 8am-4pm (new times for 2021). There is an optional after-care available from 4-5pm. Camp WAVE is the only camp around where campers have the chance to meet sharks, penguins, and stingrays up close while exploring aquatic wonders. From cruising alongside Antarctic penguins to celebrating innovations in science and engineering, there’s something for everyone this summer at Camp WAVE!

Prices per week: Regular Price: $220.00
Annual Pass Holder Price: $200.00


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Shark Week – 3 Opportunities

“Sharks in the water? Of Course! Join us for a JAWsome week about these incredible ocean residents and experience them up-close at the aquarium. From the tiny dwarf lantern shark to the ocean’s largest fish, we’ll explore what makes this whole group so important and unique!

Shark Week 1- June 7-11 | Shark Week 2 – June 28-July 2 | Shark Week 3 – July 19 – 23


STEM Celebration! – 2 Opportunities

Have you ever wondered how in the world an aquarium operates?! With over 1 million gallons of water and hundreds of different species, it is a feat of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! Campers will become aquarium aficionados as they design their very own aquarium system and discover what it takes to create excellent exhibits for our fishy friends! Campers will dive into experiments into experiments and activities highlighting chemistry, physics, biology and so much more!

STEM Celebration 1 – June 14 -18 | STEM Celebration 2 – August 2


Exploration Penguins – 2 Opportunities

Emperor, King, Humboldt, Galapagos, African, Chinstrap and 12 more! These penguins of the world are a favorite bird for so many, but they can’t even fly! Dive in as we cruise around the southern hemisphere to investigate these waddling friends. Campers will get an up-close encounter with our African Penguin ambassadors as well!

Exploration Penguins 1- June 21-25 | Exploration Penguins 2 – July 26-30


Science Heroes

Crikey! Do you want to be a marine biologist when you grow up? Me too!! There are so many incredible science heroes to follow from the Irwins and the Kratt brothers to Jane Goodall!! Each day of camp we will explore a different hero and the role they played in changing the course of marine biology and conservation history! And be ready to roll up your sleeves to join the incredible biologists here at Newport Aquarium. Who knows, our next conservation hero could be a camper, just like you!

Science Heroes- July 12-16


Super Animal Adaptations

These super heroes may not fly with capes or leap tall buildings, but there are plenty of super animals on Earth and in our oceans. Campers will splash into the ocean to discover the strength of sea turtle shells, explore the bayou to find one of the strongest bite forces in the animal kingdom, shrink down to see how geckos climb walls, and scower ocean caves to find nearly invisible inhabitants. Discover the super animals we have right here at Newport Aquarium!

Super Animal Adaptations- August 9-13


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Please contact us at if you have any camp or registration questions.