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Alle Foster


Alle Foster is the Conservation Program Manager for the WAVE Foundation at the Newport Aquarium. She has her undergraduate degree and master’s degree in Zoology from Miami University. Alle started her career in the Education Department at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in 2007, and ended as a Zookeeper before leaving to join the Newport Aquarium in 2011. Alle started working part-time as a Biologist with the African Penguins, and when the option arose, moved to the WAVE Foundation to follow her goals of helping animals around the world and educating kids about the importance of animal conservation. Alle is a world traveler, and has been to many different countries to assist with animal conservation efforts. She has been to Mongolia for Pallas’ cat and Przewalski horse conservation, Namibia for the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Belize for manatee and sea turtle conservation, and most recently to Peru for Humboldt penguins and other marine mammal conservation efforts.


Michelle Fry


Michelle Fry, Biologist II for the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky will be one of the WAVE Foundation hosts for the Newport Aquarium’s Showcase of Conservation Tour to Costa Rica. She went on an ecological tour to Costa Rica in 2008 and an expedition to Ecuador and The Galapagos in 2012 and looks forward to sharing this adventure with the community.

Michelle has a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Anthropology from Northern Kentucky University (NKU). As she began her career in the aquarium field as an intern through her studies at NKU, it is fitting that she is the Husbandry Liaison for the WAVE Foundation’s husbandry volunteer and intern program. Michelle has 13 years of experience working at the aquarium in the Husbandry department. She is a keeper of various turtle species, birds, reptiles, and amphibians and provides quarantine for fresh and salt water fish. She also cares for and trains our Asian Small Clawed Otters in the Hidden Treasures of the Rainforest Islands.