Be a Hero for Wildlife

Join these programs today and become a champion for conservation of wild life and wild places!

  • Take your First Step towards saving wildlife from the dangers of plastic pollution by joining our pledge!
  • Join 96 Elephants to help the World Wildlife Fund protect elephants from poaching.
  • Recycle your cell phone. Cell phone batteries contain an ore called Coltan, which is mined in endangered rainforest habitats in Africa. WAVE Foundation works with Eco-Cell to recycle used cell phones.
  • Support WAVE Foundations partnership with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s STEM outreach- Gills Club. Gills Club works to protect sharks by engaging young women in STEM programs that engage them with female scientists worldwide.
  • Support SANCCOB to help protect African Penguins. All donations go towards protecting these coastal seabirds from threats including habitat loss, climate change, and overfishing.
  • Join us for Riversweep each June! Riversweep is an event to clean up the riverbanks of the Ohio River and its tributaries, and covers nearly 3,000 miles of shoreline. WAVE Foundation is proud to partner with ORSANCO for this annual event.
  • Join #WAVETurtleSquad on their mission to reduce plastic pollution in our ocean! They are working to save the turtles, one reusable straw at a time. Purchase a WAVE Turtle Squad Conservation Kit to help reduce single use plastics!
  • Utilize WAVE Foundations new Shower Timer- Reducing shower time can significantly affect both water consumption and energy consumption. Did you know? Showers are the 3rd largest water use in households! If we could reduce shower length by an average of 3 minutes (the timer is 5 minutes), we could have a savings of 6.3 gallons per shower.