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Everyone is an environmental steward!

Choose conservation every day by taking ACTION:


WAVE invests in Conservation Action

When you make a purchase in the Newport Aquarium Gift Shop and Donate a Dollar for Conservation, you help fund boots-on-the-ground work. In 2023: you made donations to these amazing organizations possible:

SANCCOB is an international non-profit organization committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of seabirds in Southern Africa.

Adventure Crew connects city teens with nature and each other through engaging outdoor adventures.

Ohio River Way helps people find adventure, inspire care for the land and water, and boost the economies of vibrant Ohio River communities

Kentucky Association for Environmental Education is one of the country’s oldest associations supporting environmental education.

Dr. Nick Whitney focuses his work on the use of cutting-edge technology to answer important questions for species conservation and responsible management of natural resources.

Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehab works to conserve and protect all species of marine turtles, both in the water and on the beach.

AZA SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction focuses the collective expertise within AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums and leverages their massive audiences to save species.

Ohio River Foundation works to protect and improve the water quality and ecology of the Ohio River and its watershed.

Amazon River Dolphin Conservation works to conserve the Amazon river dolphin and its environment through research, education and collaboration.

Turtle Survival Alliance works to create a planet where tortoises and freshwater turtles can thrive in the wild

Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation protects and cares for Southwest Florida’s coastal ecosystems.

Coral Restoration Foundation was founded in response to the wide-spread loss of the dominant coral species on Florida’s Coral Reef, and works to turn the tide for this critical ecosystem.

Bimini Biological Field Station works to understand the biology of sharks and rays and the role that they play in the marine ecosystem through cutting edge field and laboratory research, spanning multiple disciplines such as molecular and behavioural ecology, physiology, conservation and sensory biology.

Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch works to conserve the ecosystem of Anna Maria Island and its’ surrounding waters for people, sea turtles, and shorebirds in partnership with the island community.