Aquatic Conservation Fund Grant

If you would like to submit a proposal to be reviewed by the Conservation Fund Committee at the WAVE Foundation, please read this entire document and follow the steps below…

  • Read the entire document called, “Aquatic Conservation Grant Application.” The questions for this application change reguarly, so please ensure you have the most recent copy before submitting.
  • Please complete the Grant Application in its entirety or it will not be considered. This must be submitted electronically to (Please note that a full report (including copies of invoices where money was spent) is required to be turned into the Conservation Fund Committee within three months of the project completion, and the WAVE Foundation reserves the right to post a summary of your project on its website.)
  • Requests will be considered by the Conservation Fund Committee. The Committee meets twice a year, and may ask that the author of the grant clarify any necessary points in the proposal. The Committee may make some suggestions for the author to change before being approved.
  • If approved by the Conservation Fund Committee, the grant will be submitted to the WAVE Foundation Board of Directors for final approval.
  • If not approved by either the Conservation Fund Committee or the WAVE Board, the individual who submitted the grant will be informed. The author may ask for clarification if desired, and a new grant can be submitted at a different time.
  • If approved, the individual who submitted the grant will be informed of the decision and will be provided with any reporting requirements or documentation associated with the grant award.
  • If you have any questions about the Aquatic Conservation Grant Form or the grant process, please ask the WAVE Foundation’s Executive Director, Scott Wingate at
Click here to download the ACG Application Form.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Conservation Initiatives
on behalf of the Conservation Fund Committee!