ACG Frequently Asked Question

What does ACG stand for? I see this written everywhere!

ACG is the abbreviated term for our Aquatic Conservation Grant.

Do you have to work or volunteer at the Newport Aquarium to receive funding?

No. Anyone can apply!

Is there a maximum amount that you will support for a project?

Most grants we fund are $250 – $5,000. We encourage proposals under $5,000.

Do you support projects not based around aquatic life?

We do not discard any grant that support wildlife conservation in general; however, we are more geared toward aquatic conservation and do take these grants as priority. Remember, our goal is to maximize projects, events and initiatives which support aquatic life, natural resources and wildlife on a local, regional, national and global scope. There are many other Zoos with similar programs who more readily support non-aquatic based wildlife.

Do you support foreign projects?

Yes, of course! As long as the project fits into our mission and assists with our goals.

Can I send in some additional materials to support my grant application?

Yes. Many people in the past have sent in educational materials to support their grant application. Feel free to e-mail these materials in addition to your application, or mail hard copies to Alle Barber at One Aquarium Way, Newport, Kentucky, 41071.

Can I include pictures of my project in the grant application?

Yes. Include anything that you think would help us better understand your request!

My project has a strict deadline… When will I be notified if my project is supported?

The Conservation Fund Committee meets twice a year. Please see the Conservation Fund homepage for those dates. Notification dates are listed on that page as well.

I have a question that was not addressed in this Frequently Asked Questions List. How do I find out the answer?

Feel free to e-mail our Conservation Program Manager, Alle Barber at